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Bonjour pouvez-vous m’aider pour cet exercice d’anglais SVP
Merci d’avance

Bonjour pouvezvous maider pour cet exercice danglais SVP Merci davance class=

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One day, I was sleeping in my friend's house, suddenly I saw something in the secret passage and my friend told me to don't let anyone in, I entered the secret passage, and I asked if there was someone there, nobody answered, I was afraid and I looked for anything to protect myself but there was nothing, suddenly someone closed the door and I couldn't get out, I started looking somewhere for a door, I thought the passage was haunted by somebody, while searching I found 2 doors and I hesitated which one to choose , abruptly,I heard a voice from nowhere saying you can go anywhere, at this moment my friend opened the door and took me.

Bonne journée ;)