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Bonjour je dois décrire cette image et dire que -ce-que c’est ? pouvez vous m’aidez svp

Bonjour je dois décrire cette image et dire que ceque cest pouvez vous maidez svp class=

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The opening image is taken from the season 4 poster of Ame rican Horror Story Freak Show, released in October 2011. The season presents the evolution of several characters with physical peculiarities who work in a circus under the leadership of Elsa Mars (in the center at the bottom of the image). The objective here is to set up the cultural framework of the "fair", or "circus", and to show from the outset the link with the acrobats and other artists whose physical particularities are easily distinguishable (bearded woman, Siamese sisters, giants and small pernes...).

The image will be projected on the blackboard to allow students to react to the diversity of the characters and their physical characteristics. The teacher can then ask about the potential link between the characters and the place in which they live in order to infer the concept of "show" or "circus".